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Zines: Welcome

Page from a Zine by S. Garces, 2022."Zines have been a means for diverse and often disadvantaged people to reject mainstream and technological modes of publication and communication in favor of low-fi, hand-made print.
They have been associated with nostalgia, craft, artistic self-expression, and the underground music scene."

- Christopher Marcatili on Zines and Social Justice, Freilich Project for the Study of Bigotry at the Australian National University

Welcome to the zine guide! Read on to learn the history and scope of the and culture behind self-publishing 'Zines, Examples of zines, tips and templates to make your own zine, and further reading.

What is a Zine?

A zine is generally a self-published, minimally circulated piece of artwork done by independent creators. They can have text images, stickers, and more. Zines come in many forms: art, photography, DIY, political, and others!

A photo of 'how to make a zine' with a bird on the back cover, courtesy of NYIT Library

An image of 'Frightening Fashion' done by Savannah Garces

How to make a zine

An image of zines against a blue background, featuring many punk bands

Explore these Zine Collections

An image of the zine 'Gone Home' featuring 4 people, all in Western clothing. The woman is kicking at the three men and exclaiming her disdain.

Zine History

An image of the Culturas zine with Elvis on the cover

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