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Credo Information Literacy Modules: Get stable links

Stable Links

Credo Instruct FAQs

Q: Is there a way to know if a student has completed a tutorial?

A: Yes and no -- Credo doesn't have a specific way to know this, the only thing it tracks for an individual student is quiz scores. So including quizzes is the best way to know students at least understand the basic concepts of a tutorial.


Q: Can I assign a tutorial or quiz to a single student rather than my whole class?

A: Yes - the best way to do this is to email that student with direct links to the tutorials and/or quizzes you'd like them to complete. To get quiz results and see student assessment Instruct your students to fill out the form that appears before the quiz, asking for their name, the course, and their instructor's name, so that we can pull the right quiz result. Another option is asking the student to email the result directly to your email address. 


Q: I don't want to assign specific tutorials on the LMS, but I'd like students to know they can access these tutorials on their own if they need help. What link should I use?

Here are some options: 

  1. You could link to the New York Institute of Technology LibGuides page. →Guides by subject→Search box→Credo modules→Select Credo information literacy modules libguide. 
  2. You can send students a direct link to the module, video, tutorial, or link you wish for them to review directly. Select the Direct Link spreadsheet→copy the link of the module you would like to send→paste to the body of the email→send to the student. 

Q: Are there quizzes that cover Credo video content?

A: In most cases, videos serve to introduce a topic; tutorials serve up the main content, and quizzes cover the tutorial content, but not the video content.

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