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MLA Boot Camp: Core Elements - In-text Citation

MLA Boot Camp

Core Elements - In-Text Citation

Rules to Remember

  • In-text citations are brief citations which are meant to direct your readers to the full citation provided in your works-cited list. 
  • In MLA, the author's last name appears before the page number(s) from which you have paraphrased or quoted material. E.g., (Boberson 172).
  • If your document features numbered paragraphs, use par. (for a single paragraph) or pars. (for multiple paragraphs) and the number of the paragraph(s) instead of page numbers.
    • E.g.: (Smith par. 7).
    • E.g.: (Smith pars. 7-9). 
  • For citations following a block quote (a.k.a. a long, off-set excerpt), place a period at the end of the excerpted material and include the author and page number of the material enclosed in parentheses.
    • E.g.,  ... the end. (Smith 23) 

In-Text Citations

MLA Works-Cited List Reference:

Hausman, Alan, et al. Logic and Philosophy: A Modern Introduction. Cengage Learning, 2013. 

MLA In-Text Citation: 

Option 1:  Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, vel an semper possim, "no nam dicant consectetuer" (Hausman, et al. 156).

Option 2: According to Hausman, et al., lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, vel an semper possim, "no nam dicant consectetuer" (156). 


Note: The text used above is filler text; it does not come from Hausman, et al.

MLA Works-Cited List Reference:

Wadham, Rachel L. and Jonathan W. Ostenson. Integrating Young Adult Literature through the

Common Core Standards. Libraries Unlimited, 2013. 


MLA In-Text Citation: 

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Phasellus a tincidunt ex, et congue erat. Aenean dignissim tristique dui, nec vehicula sem sagittis at. Pellentesque id diam diam: 

Integer non lacus volutpat, condimentum enim eu, pellentesque urna. Proin non orci eros. Morbi facilisis sapien ante, sit amet feugiat quam cursus et. Sed justo nunc, sollicitudin nec quam sed, aliquet sodales nibh. Ut in purus ultrices, dignissim tortor ac, aliquet urna. Mauris egestas, mauris ac pellentesque elementum, lectus metus sollicitudin neque, et ornare velit lacus id urna. Sed vestibulum malesuada rhoncus. Nullam dignissim dui a leo fermentum, et auctor ligula facilisis. (Wadham and Ostenson 52)


Note: The text used above is filler text; it does not come from Wadham and Ostenson.

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