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MLA Boot Camp: Other Contributors

MLA Boot Camp

Other Contributors

Author. "Title of Source." Title of Container, Other Contributors, Version, Number, Publisher, Publication

Date, Location. 

Rules to Remember

  • Other contributors follow the source container. For example: 
    • translated by
    • edited by
    • adapted by
  • The name of the other contributor appears first name last name followed by a comma. For example:
    • translated by Bob Bobberson, 
  • Two other contributors will appear first name last name and first name last name followed by a commaFor example:
    • edited Bob Bobberson and Zehra Philip,


  • Three or more other contributors will appear first name last name, et al. followed by a comma. For example:
    • adapted by Bob Bobberson, et al.,

Formatting Other Contributors

MLA Citation for Works-Cited List:

Camus, Albert. The Plague, translated by Stuart Gilbert, Vintage Books, 1991.

MLA Citation for Works-Cited List:

Williams, Tennessee. The Collected poems of Tennessee Williams, edited by David E. Roessel and

Nicholas Rand Moschovakis, New Directions Publishing, 2002.

MLA Citation for Works-Cited List:

Martin, George R. R. A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel, adapted by Daniel Abraham, vol. 1, Bantam

Books, 2012.

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