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Urban Design & Planning: Images & Media

>Virtual Reality Workstation User's Manual

Virtual Reality and Enscape Tutorial: Enscape Vector Logo - (.SVG + .PNG) - FindVectorLogo.Com

Load Enscape Revit Models and explore them with VR. 

Art and Architecture Library Virtual Reality Workstation. Rm. 101, Education Hall

  •  HTC Vive Pro and software for design, collaboration, and development.
  • STEAM platform hosts programs including  Arkio, Google Earth, Wander, Open Brush, and virtual exhibitions from museums worldwide.
  • Read more in the manual, 
  • Stop by the Library or email to reserve time to use this workstation.


Image of Sensoji Temple, famous for its giant red lanterns.
An image of the sky line of New York City, on the water with boats on the foreground. 1896.
An image of Greenwood Cemetery, a large building set in fields with trees around it
An image of the Acropolis, an ancient white building against a blue sky.
An image of a Craftsman house with white siding and a red tile roof.
An image. In the foreground are several boats in water. In the background is a Russian Orthodox Church atop a green hill.
An image of the Pachyderm House from the Chicago Zoo. Stone blocks formed into the shape of a house.
An image of a circular building with a question mark and animal sculptures on top. Inside is a man, he is talking to a man, a woman, and a boy outside of the cart.
An image of the Empire State Building from about halfway up the tower and up.
An image of the Empire State Building from farther back in the city

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