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Researcher & Author Identifiers, Profiles and Social Networks: Maximize your Impact!

Increase the impact of your publications. Tips on how to promote your research and profile as a New York Tech researcher and author.

Step #1: Create Your ORCID iD Record

  • Go to to create your profile, a 16 digit persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from other researchers and scholars.

Example New York Tech ORCID Profiles:

Step #2: Share Your ORCID iD

  • Set the visibility of your ORCID record. Options include:
    • everyone
    • trusted parties
    • only me
  • Setting the visibility to "everyone" will help employers, funders, publishers, and collaborators identify your work.
  • You can change visibility settings at any time and lock  sections of your profile.

What is ORCID?

Your ORCID iD is a free, unique, persistent identifier that you own and control—forever. It distinguishes you from every other researcher across disciplines, borders, and time. You can connect your iD with your professional information—affiliations, grants, publications, peer review, and more. You can use your iD to share your information with other systems, ensuring you get recognition for all your contributions, saving you time and hassle, and reducing the risk of errors.

  • 16-digit unique identifier to identify you and your research profile.
  • Free to register and use your iD.
  • Supports 37+ types of works.
  • Non-profit effort to create and maintain unique & permanent researcher identifiers.

What is ORCID? from ORCID on Vimeo.

Why Sign Up for ORCID?

Registering for your ORCID means that you have a free, unique, persistent identifier that disambiguates you and your work.

Using your iD makes life easier for you and the institutions and organizations you connect with throughout your research career.

You will enjoy these benefits with your ORCID iD:

  • You will be distinguished from every other researcher, even researchers who share your same name.
  • Your research outputs and activities will be correctly attributed to you.
  • Your contributions and affiliations will be reliably and easily connected to you.
  • You will save time when filling out forms, (leaving more time for research!).
  • You will enjoy improved discoverability and recognition.
  • You will be able to connect your record to a growing number of institutions, funders, and publishers.
  • Your ORCID record is yours, for free, forever.

ORCID Profile Tips

  • Early in your career: Add more details about the place of work, advisors, peer review activity, and conference presentations.
  • Established researcher: Add "service" work such as peer reviewing and include all name variations from past publications.
  • Review your profile once per year for accuracy.
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