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New York Tech Libraries - Strategic Action Plan - 2023-2028: Introduction

The New York Tech Libraries 2023-2028 Strategic Action Plan frames the Library's directions and aligns with the New York Tech Strategic Action Plan priorities:  

Optimize Student Success; Drive Innovation and Discovery with Diverse Talent; Sharpen Institutional Identity; Fortify Institutional Viability.

Our Mission, Vision, and Values shape four priority areas that delineate Goals, Actions, and Success Indicators. This living document represents the collective effort of all libraries including the Salten Research Library, Manhattan Library, Art & Architecture Library, Medical Libraries in New York and Jonesboro, Arkansas as well as the Learning Commons on the Vancouver, B.C. campus. Proposed actions include timely metrics and assessment methods which indicate progress toward success.  Evidence-based revisions and celebrated accomplishments reflect changes relevant to the campus community.

We welcome feedback and involvement at any time. 

Refer to the Documentation page for the strategic planning process and external consultant reports.

Refer to the Progress Tracker for the latest updates and accomplishments. 

Libraries Strategic Action Plan 2023 - 2028 Priorities and Goals

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