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Bloomberg Terminal : Bloomberg Terminal - The Keys

The Keyboard: Commands, Shortcuts etc...

The Bloomberg Terminal Keyboard

Source: Bloomberg


The Bloomberg Terminal is Color Coded:

<Green Keys>: Action Keys

<Red Keys>: Stop Keys/Cancel & log off keys – Equivalent to the traditional <Escape> button. Press <CANCEL> and enter 1 <GO> for Global Customer Support Numbers

<Yellow>: Market Sector Keys – Press any of the yellow keys for a main menu for that specific sector.  e.g. <EQUITY> <GO> will bring you to a complete menu of equity related news, data and analytics

<Blue Keys> <PANEL> Leverage all four Bloomberg Professional Service windows. Press <PANEL> to rotate between the windows.



Basic Main Green Keys:

<Cmand> (The Command) Key: A Recap of the previously used Function appears in the top left each time you press “Command”

<End/Back> Key: Press and it will bring you back to the Previous Screen

<Esc/Cancel> Key: Press to cancel the current function. It cancels the current activity on the screen

<Go> (Enter) Key: Go is the Enter Key. The <GO> key is equivalent to the “ENTER” key on a traditional keyboard and is essential to activate each function. Simply press it after you enter a command.

<Help> Key: Press once to display the help function & a description of the current function that you are using. The key is an additional method used to find information on the BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL service. At the top of the screen, type a keyword(s) associated with your subject of interest, followed by the key

<Help> <Help> Key: Press twice to be connected to Bloomberg Support 24/7 Press the key twice to open a “LIVE HELP” chat window. In the orange box type your query and press to send.

<Menu> Key: Press to navigate from any function back to a menu of related functions. This is equivalent to the “Back” key to return you to the previous screen.

<Print> Key: Press once to print the current page or enter the number of pages you want to print and then hit Print (example 10 pages would be 10 Print)


Broad Market Perspectives - Useful Short Cuts

EQUITY TK <GO> Company Name <GO> To find the ticker for a company

TICKER SYMBOL <HELP> <GO> Searching for a company when you know the stock symbol

MAIN <GO> Menus for market sectors, customer support and more

TOP <GO> Display today’s top business and general news headlines

READ <GO> Most read news stories

N <GO> The Main News menu

ECO <GO> Display a calendar of economic releases

IM <GO> Display a menu of treasury/money market and international bond monitors

WEI <GO> Monitor World Equity Indices

WE <GO> Monitor World Government Bonds

FXIP <GO> Foreign Exchange Information Platform

IRSM <GO> Interest Rate and Credit Derivatives

EVTS <GO> Display events and earnings announcements calendar

MOST <GO> Monitor the most active stocks

IBQ <GO> More than 65 Industry Reviews

EQS <GO> Scan the Bloomberg Equity universe to find companies that match your selected criteria

BLP <GO> Bloomberg LaunchPad – The Ultimate, customizable desktop display

MA <GO> Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Analysis

YCRV <GO> Yield Curve Analysis

FMCI <GO> Fair Market Curve Indices

FMCV <GO> Forward Curve Analysis

TICKER <EQUITY> SPX <INDEX> <GO> Comparing a stock to the performance of the S&P 500 Index


Other Short Cuts

HDSK <GO> to access your previously sent Help Desk inquires and answers

LAST <GO> Will review the last 8 functions used.

EASY <GO> Provides a list of Bloomberg Tips and Shortcuts

<HELP> KEY can be used to type in a keyword(s) associated with your subject of interest followed by the <HELP> Key.

READ <GO> Most read news stories



TOON<GO> Cartoon of the Day

MUSE <GO> Arts and Culture

DINE <GO> Restaurant search and reviews

POSH <GO> Classified adverts

BSP <GO> Bloomberg Sports Menu

FLY <GO> Flight Schedules

WEAT <GO> Regional Weather Forecasts

EASY <GO> Easy-of-use tips and shortcuts

JOBS <GO> Bloomberg career center

PEOP <GO> People Search

BBXL <GO> Bloomberg data and calculations in Microsoft Excel – download sample spreadsheets

PSET <GO> Printer Settings

EXCH <GO> Real-time exchanges and request form

HDSK <GO> Historical archive of all your Help Desk enquiries and corresponding answers



Ticker Symbol <Equity> CH1 <GO> for a Financial Summary (e.g. GE <Equity> CH1 <GO>)

Ticker Symbol <Equity> CH2 <GO> for Income Statement (e.g. GE <Equity> CH2 <GO>)

Ticker Symbol <Equity> CH3 <GO> for Balance Sheet (e.g. GE <Equity> CH3 <GO>)

Ticker Symbol <Equity> ANR <GO> for Analysis Recommendations (e.g. GE <Equity> ANR <GO>

Ticket Symbol <Equity> CN <GO> for news on a Company (e.g. GE <Equity> CN <GO>)

Ticker Symbol <Equity> EE <GO> for Earning Estimates (e.g. GE <Equity> EE <GO>)

Ticker Symbol <Equity> GP <GO> for a Historical Price Graph with Volume (e.g. GE <Equity> GP <GO>)

Ticker Symbol <Equity> HE <GO> for Price/Earnings Ratio Table (e.g. GE <Equity> HE <GO>)

Ticker Symbol <Equity> HP <GO> for Historical Price Graph with Volume (e.g. GE <Equity> HP <GO>)

Ticker Symbol <Equity> TRA <GO> for Total Return Analysis for an Equity (e.g. GE <Equity> TRA <GO>)

Ticker Symbol <Equity> DVD <GO> for Company Dividends



If you are already familiar with the ticker of the security, enter:

Ticker <YELLOW KEY> FUNCTION <GO> to bring you to that function.

An Equity (Stock) Example: BUD <EQUITY> DES <GO>: This will give you a company description of the NYSE Traded Company Security Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV

A Corporate Bond Example: BUD 9 09 <CORP> DES <GO>: Will give you description of the specific Anheuser-Busch Corp Bond

DES <GO> Descriptive page including a snapshot of fundamental data & management information

BQ <GO> Display price, trade, earnings, relative value data on a single screen

CN <GO> Display all Company News

G <GO> Create Customize Graphs

GPO <GO> Graph historical prices and moving averages

RELS <GO> Related Securities – The Capital Structure

CRPR <GO> Credit Profile – Current and historical credit ratings for an issuer

RV <GO> Relative Value – Perform Customized peer group analysis

ISSD <GO> Display issuer information, capital structure and cash flow breakdown

AGGD <GO> Aggregated Debt – Institutional Exposure to Corporate Debt

COMP <GO> Comparative returns for your chosen security to its benchmark index and its industry group




ANR <GO> Displays analyst recommendations

ANC <GO> Displays analyst coverage

EE <GO> Displays earnings estimates menu



Enter: Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> TRA <GO>



Enter: Index Symbol <INDEX> TRA <GO>



Enter: Ticker Symbol <EQUITY> BETA



YAS <GO> Displays analyst recommendations

ALLQ <GO> A liquidity platform of price and yield quotes from contributed sources  



Search by Issuer: Ticker Symbol <CORP> <GO> It will list all the bonds issues by the equity (e.g. GE <CORP> <GO>



Finding Government Bonds

Enter: WB <GO> for a listing of benchmark government bonds around the world

To Find US Treasury Bonds directly enter: CT10 <GOVT><GO> for the 10 year bond or CT5 <GOVT><GO> for the 5 year (This formula can be used for any US Benchmark Bond)

To Find the 3 Month T-Bill enter: CB3 <GOVT><GO>

For US Generic Bonds enter:

USGG5YR <INDEX><GO> for the 5 year or USGG10YR <INDEX> <GO> (This formula can be used for any US Generic Bonds enter:

<SRCH><GO> or Ticker Symbol Coupon Rate Maturity <CORP><GO>

Example: IBM 5.4 01/26/09 <CORP><GO>



For Exchange Rates by Region enter <CRNCY> TKC <GO>

For World Currency Rates enter <CRNCY>WCR <GO>      

For Spot and Forward Rates enter: <CRNCY> FRD <GO>



BPRP <GO> Displays the name of your Bloomberg Account Representative

BU <GO> Bloomberg University is your gateway to a variety of Bloomberg training resources to help you better navigate the Bloomberg Professional Service. View on line cheatsheets, register to attend Bloomberg Seminars and events, or read about new functions and enhancements.

CERT <GO> The Product Certification program allows you to participate in well structured classes to improve your knowledge and proficiency of Bloomberg, optimize your job performance and differentiate yourself from your peers.

WRAP <GO> Bloomberg’s quarterly newsletter of new products, functionality and enhancements by market sector

<HELP> <HELP> Contact the Live 24/7 Global Help Desk to send enquiries and receive help in real time


Source: Bloomberg


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