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Researcher & Author Identifiers, Profiles and Social Networks: Maximize your Impact!

Increase the impact of your publications. Tips on how to promote your research and profile as a New York Tech researcher and author.


This guide will explain how to make your research and publications more accessible and reduce ambiguity between you and other researchers. It will also compare 4 researcher/author identifiers, plus provide a brief introduction to other web profiles to consider.

Why Create a Research Profile?

Research ImpactResearcher profiles and IDs can be used to:

  • Make your research and teaching activities known.
  • Ensure you get credit for your work in online databases.
  • Distinguish yourself from other authors.
  • Connect with colleagues, potential collaborators, potential employers.
  • Increase the number of citations and get citation metrics such as citation counts and your h-index for all your publications.
  • Research impact!

Types of Research Profile Sites

There are many of options for creating a unique identity. Learn more about some of these options by clicking on their names below.

Researcher Profile Site Reason to Use
  • Author disambiguation and persistent and permanent identifier; full control over your profile.
  • Other systems integrate with ORCID for ease of use.
  • Becoming mandatory for grant applications and journal submissions.
  • Author profile in Scopus search database, with ID assigned internally.
  • Disambiguation in Scopus.
  • Author metrics (h-index and other citation metrics).
  • Integrates with ORCID.
  • Author profile to track and verify peer review and editorial contributions.
  • Track and verify peer review and editorial contributions.
  • Peer review, editorial, and citation metrics.
  • Integrates with ORCID.
Google Scholar Citations
  • Author profile in Google Scholar database.
  • Popular in Humanities due to more expansive indexing of articles.
  • Option for a private account.
  • Author metrics (h-index and i10-index).
Research Gate
  • Author profile managed and created by an individual; social media platform to collaborate with fellow researchers.
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