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APA Boot Camp: Source (Container)

Formatting the Title of the Source (Container)


  • The title refers to the book, journal, newspaper, magazine, webpage, etc. from which the information you are citing came. Essentially, the source is the container for the specific piece of information you are citing. 
  • Italicize the source. 
  • For journal articles, newspaper articles, and magazine articles:
    • capitalize the name of the journal, newspaper, or magazine as it appears in the document
    • follow the italicized source with a comma (,)
  • For books & ebooks: 
    • capitalize only the first letter of the title and proper nouns (Names, Places, etc). and the first word after a colon (:)
    • follow the italicized source with page range if referring to a specific chapter of a paginated (e)book
    • follow the italicized source with a period if not citing a page range within an ebook or book


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             Dartmouth College Press.


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