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Astronomy, Astrobiology and Space Travel: Websites+

NYIT Library resources supportive of research in the subject fields indicated by this Guide's title.

About these Resources

These websites and Web-based publications have been screened for quality. They're excellent sources of up-to-date scientific articles and information.


Space Science Websites & Web-Based Publications

Giant galactic nebula / Source: NASA / Hubble Telescope

The line between astronomy and space science websites and Web-based publications is blurred. The distinction made below between the two resource categories is, arguably, a false one. NOT arguable is that the resources below are filled with rich, up-to-the-minute astronomy and space science information and news.

Web-Based Publications
NASA Science: Science News
Science News
Science News -- The New York Times
Science Today -- at the University of California
Scientific American (Limited full text, media presentations)

Biosphere 2 (The University of Arizona)
Discovery Channel
The European Space Agency (ESA)
The Goddard Space Flight Center (NASA)
The Hayden Planetarium / Rose Space Center
How Stuff Works
The Hubble Telescope / HubbleSite
The International Space Station / NASA
Mars Exploration Rovers (NASA/Jet Propulsion Lab, CIT)
Mars Watch
Mars Watch ( (different from above)
The Marshall Space Flight Center (NASA)
NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASA Science 
NOAA: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOAA: Space Weather Prediction Center
The Planetary Society
SETI (The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence)
Top 20 Most Popular Science Websites (eBizMBA)

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