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EENG 489 Capstone Project: Finding Technical Literature: Academic Journals

This guide is for students In the EENG-489 design capstone project. It includes databases, research tips, and other resources to finalize your capstone project.

Specific Journals

 Engineering & technology (2006-present)  Academic Search Complete

Journal of Engineering Mechanics (1995-present (12 month delay) Academic Search Complete

Journal of applied mechanics (2000 to present) ASME Transactions Journals (Current)

Journal of hydraulic engineering (1995-present (12 month delay) Academic Search Complete

Scientific American (2005-present)  Academic Search Complete

These are just a few titles. To locate the name of the journal you need, just search our journal locator


Why choose periodicals?

Periodicals  (journals, magazines, and newspapers)  are published in regular intervals, and are the best sources for current information. They are found in databases and the older ones are in print.

 NYIT Libraries organizes databases in two ways:

A-Z List:  An alphabetical list of all the databaes.  If you already know the database name, access them here: Articles in Databases

Databases by Subject: Boxes contain names of databases organized by content and subjects. For databases that contain engineering materials, access them here: Engineering

Engineering & Technical Journals


Juornals from the Association of Computing Machinery  ACM Digital Library


Journals of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers ASME Digital Collection

ASME- 10 Ipad Apps for Engineers

Directory of Open Access Journalsopen access scientific and scholarly journals that use a quality control system to guarantee the content.



IEEE All-Society Periodicals Package (ASPP)  : access to AbstractPlus records and full text published since 1998 from IEEE journals, transactions and magazines.

IEEE Proceedings Order Plans (POP): provides access to the core online collection of conference proceedings from 125 of the most important IEEE conferences



ProQuest Science Journals: a database coverning journals in applied and general sciences Science Journals


Journal articles and book chapters in physical sciences, engineering, health and life sciences. Science Direct




Journals and conference proceedings from the American Institute of Physics (AIP)  Scitation

Search Tips: Articles

Because databases are highly structured, you can use special techniques to search them more effectively. When you want to find more than one word or idea, enter your search in a way that the database will understand.

  • Connector words such as AND and OR are important to use when you combine ideas.
  • Using AND between keywords (nouns that describe your topic) means that both terms must appear somewhere in the record. AND is used to narrow a search.
  • Using OR  to combine keywords in your search, means that either term can be in the article for it to be retrieved. OR is best used to search for synonyms of a concept. Because any one of these words could show up in your articles, OR is used to broaden your seach.
  • Use quotation marks when you are searching for a specific phrase. When you use quotation marks around a phrase, you are telling the search engine to only bring back results that include these search terms exactly how you typed them.
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