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Learning & Building Guitar Pedals: Home

Basic to in-depth guitar pedal guide


Let's say that you heard a song or seen a live performance and admired the sounds the guitarist was making. So you go home or to the rehearsal space and start changing all the settings on your amp and guitar to recreate that unique guitar you like so much. But it's not working. "How do I make my guitar sound like that?" you ask yourself. It seems like a mystery. And there's so many guitar pedal videos on YouTube that it eventually gets too overwhelming. There's just so many guitar pedals out there to choose from. Why can't it be simple?

Behold, a break down for basic and expert guitarists. Learn how to build, what to buy and what's trending with guitar effects. Always updating with videos and new gear. So let's begin.

Recommended Reading

Featured Video

One of the most straight-forward, comprehensive video tutorials on guitar effects you can find on the internet. This guide will elaborate on much of the content covered by Sam. Take a moment and watch this video before exploring our libguide.

How Guitar Pedals Work

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