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Marketing Research: Search Engines

Search Engines

Learn how to search Search Engines. Start by learning how to use search operators. These strategies will work in many search engines including Google and Baidu.

Verbatim use Tools > All Results > Verbatim to search the exact keywords you type.
“ ” use double quotes to search the exact phrase you type.
filetype: use filetype: to search for a variety of file formats.
inurl: use inurl: to search for term in the URL.
intitle: use intext: to search for terms in the text.
site: use site: to limit your search to a particular site.
example: (China websites)
intext:  use intext: to search for terms in the text.
define:  use define: like a dictionary to define words and terms.
term AROUND(5) term: use AROUND(n) to search for words within a certain proximity.
OR use OR to search for synonyms or similar concepts.
- use minus (-) to subtract terms and domains from your results.
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