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This guide provides an overview of RSS technology, a method of streaming customized information.

Introduction: What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is an easy way to stay informed of the latest breaking developments in any area that is important to you, and helps you to avoid browsing or searching for information. Moreover, by using RSS customized content can be delivered directly to you without littering your inbox with e-mail messages.

What is an RSS Reader?

An RSS reader is a small software program that collects and displays RSS feeds. It allows you to scan information from many news sources from one location.

Where can I get an RSS Reader?

Some browsers, such as the current versions of Firefox and Flock have built in RSS readers. There are also a variety of very powerful RSS readers available on the Internet; most are free to download while others are available to purchase. 

Why are RSS feeds so amazing?

RSS is about deriving customized sets of data from the information cloud and obtaining the signal that is unique to achiveing your goal.

RSS is about saving you time, visiting a single program for your information needs rather than travelling randomly on the Internet.

RSS is about keeping informed and staying competitive. In a knowledge economy information is power. RSS offers you a way to fullfill your information needs, keeping you up-to-date in realtime of the latest and best information for your professional and personal fullfilment.

How do I use RSS Feeds?

The way an RSS feed is added to an RSS reader is slightly different from one reader depending on which reader you are using. Follow the directions below to add a new feed (a feed is also referred to as a channel) to your RSS reader:

  1. Select an RSS reader.
  2. Click on the link or small RSS button near the feed you want.
  3. From your web browser's address bar, copy the URL (web address).
  4. Paste that URL into the "Add New Feed/Channel" section of the reader. The RSS feed will start to display and regularly update the headlines for you.

Video: RSS in Plain English


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