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IDSP - 310 - Foundations of Interdisciplinary Research (Dr. Taylor): Before You Search...

Welcome to the IDSP - 310 - Foundations of Interdisciplinary Research Companion Guide! × This is the companion guide to IDSP 310 - Foundations of Interdisciplinary Research taught by Dr. Carylanna Taylor. In this course, you will be required to conduct r


The better you prepare for your search, the smoother your searching experience will be. Watch the video below to learn more about two helpful pre-search strategies: generating keywords and drafting Boolean searches. 


Search Like a Pro

Boolean Operator Cheat Sheet

RESEARCH QUESTION:  Are electronic cars an affordable option for the average consumer? 

AND for items in which two or more terms which appear together. This will narrow your search. 

OR for items in which two or more terms appear together or separately. If you're working with a topic that can be described in many different ways, conducting an OR search will ensure that you don't exclude relevant items as a result of using too few search terms. This will broaden your search. 

NOT for items in which a specified term is excluded. This will narrow your search.   
Complex Boolean Search for items by combining multiple boolean searches. Use parentheses to enclose individual searches.


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