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Workshop Learning Objectives

By the end of this workshop, you should be able to: 

  • Name and define each of the major elements in an APA works-cited reference. 
  • Define and apply the rules for formatting each element in an APA works-cited reference. 
  • Recognize incorrect formatting in a computer-generated APA citation. 

APA Citation Resources

Helpful Sections in the APA Manual: 

  • In-text Citations: 261-269
  • Reference List Elements: 283-285
  • Reference List Examples: 308-309

What is a Citation?


  1. Below, you will see a file labeled CITE-ALONG. Open up the Word document. 
  2. We will cover citing (e)books, articles, and websites during this class. For each format, you will have the opportunity to practice citing each type of source. You will do this in the CITE-ALONG worksheet.  
  3. At the conclusion of class, save the Word file with complete end-of-text and in-text citation for each of the practice sources. 


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