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Architecture & Design: S.A.M.E. Lab

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Weather Station (G4054) @ Education Hall

G4054 >>> MADIS

Map of Weather Monitors (NOAA Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest Systems)

Click the Map to visit the MADIS weather stations.

Calculate Relative Humidity

Heating Degree Day / Cooling Degree Day Calculators

Analyzing Local Data in a Larger Context


  • Generate Climate Analysis with supplied weather data or upload your own EPW file.
  • Upload formatted weather data from a local weather station.

Map of Long Island with Weather Stations

 Betti G., Tartarini F., Nguyen C., Schiavon S. (2022). CBE Clima Tool: a free and open-source web application for climate analysis tailored to sustainable building design. Version: 0.8.10

Site Analysis

Download Data from the Citizen's Weather Observation Network,


Education Hall Weather Station Installation

Picture of the Davis Weather Station in the Architecture Library
Picture of the Fabrication Lab ad Library Weather Station

Weather Data Sourcees

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