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Architecture & Design: Architecture Research


This page points you to key information sources you can use  to start Architecture Research.
Architecture Research involves topics from an Architect to a Precedent, Site Analysis, Structures,
Construction, Materials, Fabrication, Education, Architectural Writing and Theory.
Start here, but it's the tip of the iceberg. Contact librarians who can help you further your ideas. 

  • OneSearch is the NYIT catalog, which will connect you to all the materials available to NYIT Students, faculty and Staff. 
  • WorldCat connects you to materials in libraries across the world. Many resources may only be accessed by subscription. Students, faculty, and staff may access these materials off campus using a proxy server. You will need to enter your NYIT username and password.

Architecture and Design Databases

Databases are accessible 24/7 from anywhere.
Click on any link below. If you are off campus, enter your NYIT ID when prompted. 

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Ready Reference for Design

Ready Reference are sources for accurate but immediate information. AKA Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Directories, and Handbooks. These are a few of many quality resources accessible 24/7 using your NYIT login. 

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Art History & Architecture History - Key Sources

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Architecture & Urban Planning History - Key Sources

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Something About Books. . .

The vast majority of Art, Architecture, and Design knowledge are not available through Google. You may find the book or article online but will need to obtain a physical copy to access all the information. Copyright restrictions protect creators and designers. Not all quality material will be found via the Open Web.

Journals and Books: While art and architecture journals are available to search digitally, often the full text databases such as ArtSource, Avery Index and Architecture Publications Index, and JSTOR, contain only the text and not the high-quality reproductions. 
- Summary based on "Why You Need to Come to Haas Arts Library" by Lindsay King,, accessed 2/16/17.

Construction Methods

Design Research

What is Design Research?

'Research that is undertaken by architects (and deisgners) and their collaborators in the course of a project; and

'Research that is done by architects and others, in practice and academia, outside the scope of architectural projects. "
- Royal Institute of British Architects, (2014). Architects and research-based knowledge: A literature review. (pdf)  

Essential Reading




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