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Architecture & Design

Subject and Course Reading Lists

Resources and services for the design disciplines curated to emphasize electronic resources from both the NYIT Libraries and the internet. The guide is organized into sections for each discipline; and Course Guides, Critical topics, the research process, professional practice,  Images, Video and Streaming Media, and the Art & Architecture Library news. Depending on the type of resource, search, evaluation and access may differ. 

Specific Topics:

Design Research

What is Design Research?

'Research that is undertaken by architects (and deisgners) and their collaborators in the course of a project; and

'Research that is done by architects and others, in practice and academia, outside the scope of architectural projects. "
- Royal Institute of British Architects, (2014). Architects and research-based knowledge: A literature review. (pdf)  

Essential Reading



Architecture and Design Databases

Search databases for full-text and citations of design journal and monographs. Click on any link below to open a database. If you are off campus, enter your NYIT ID when prompted. 

Architecture History - Key Sources


When researching an architectural assignment, look to some general historical sources to gain an understanding of what issues influenced the design. Historic Events, Economic concerns, Social factors, all effect design decisions. 

Find comprehensive information on a specific built work and develop a Precedent Study. Architecture students should have the "Ability to incorporate relevant precedents into architecture and urban design projects." (NAAB student performance criteria 11,Use of Precedents.)

Architecture & Urban Planning History - Key Sources

Architecture & Design Journals

Read current periodicals. Collection maintained under  the guidance of the Association of Architecture School Librarians.

Search the Journal Locator for a full journal offerings.

OER for Architecture, Interior Design and the Arts

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